Professional Competencies Acceleration Program

The Professional Competencies Acceleration Program (PAC) is the most ambitious learning program of the University of Granada’s Talent Incubator. It is a highly innovative training program which, throughout the academic year, combines different teaching and mentoring methodologies in order to strengthen and develop distinctive competencies which are considered essential for success in professional fields such as social and emotional intelligence, leadership, the ability to adapt to changes, creativity, motivation, authenticity, communication, teamwork and social commitment.

The program offers a learning and development opportunity to 20 university students who will be selected from those with the best academic record in their respective degrees. The program consists of a limited number of intensive sessions that take place between February and July.

Program Core Concepts

Experience Based Learning

Training sessions, designed using the principles of neuroeducation, in which the student takes the lead role in their learning about personal leadership, teamwork and social emotional intelligence.

 Support Coaching

Coaching sessions available for students in order to create a space for growth and self-knowledge which motivates them to establish clear professional objectives and specific plans of action in order to achieve them.

Professional Mentoring

The program offers the students practical experience of the real business world through guidance from directors and high level professionals who have extensive experience and long professional careers.

Participate in the Program

Profile of participants in the Program

The program offers a learning and development opportunity to 20 university students selected from those with the best academic record in their respective degrees.

All of the participants are invited to apply for the program after consultation with each of the study centers they normally attend.  From this process, about 40 university students in their final year of a degree or postgraduate course are selected. They will be those with the best academic record in their respective centers.

On the last course, the students who were pre-selected were from Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, Physics, Statistics, Mathematics,

Business Management and Administration, Law, Human Resources and Business Relations and Sociology.

The students who have been pre-selected take part in a series of individual interviews with a view to forming a final group of 20 participants. The aim of this round of interviews and evaluation is to be able to establish a link between the participants’ objectives and those of the program.

The profile of the students who participate and the quality of the training make this an exclusive, high level university program. The interaction between the participants is in itself of great interest and professional value.

How the participants benefit from the Program


To acquire the distinctive abilities which are highly valued in the business world.


A certificate of participation which represents important added value on a curriculum.

Unique experience

Coming together with other students of high potential with very different profiles and academic backgrounds.


A network of contacts of high level professionals.


First-hand knowledge of the internal workings of a cutting edge business, its values and philosophy.

Real work

The chance to do a work placement and work for a first-rate company.

Program Cost

The cost of the program is approximately 3000 euros per person however, it is completely free of charge for the students that participate after the selection process thanks to sponsorship by NGA Human Resources, sponsor of the University of Granada’s Talent and Leadership Chair.

Program Activities

Phase I. Talent Selection

20 students from amongst those with the very best degree and postgraduate academic records in a variety of fields at the University of Granada participate in the program. Having identified a group of around 40 of the best students from different academic fields, the finalists are chosen by means of an exhaustive “assessment center” process and individual interviews.

Phase II: Intensive conference on Development of Professional Competencies

This intensive conference takes place over a whole weekend and the students share experiences and training in a designated space. The aim is for these young people to have a shared learning experience with other students that also have an excellent academic profile, albeit with diverse profiles and from different educational backgrounds. The training consists of 4 work modules:
Module I. Keys for Leadership
Module II. Self-knowledge
Module III. Teams and Proactivity
Module IV. Communication

Phase III. Individual and Group Coaching sessions

Each student will have 5 sessions with a professional coach to work on establishing goals, plans of action, relationship improvement and strengthening values.

Phase IV. Mentoring Sessions

The program offers each student various mentoring sessions with a prestigious business executive. The students are assigned a mentor according to their academic background or their future professional career. The aim is to enable students to get a closer look at the real world of business and the problems the executives face on a daily basis in their different organizational fields.

Phase V. Teamwork

The participants will obtain real experience of working in a team to develop a social project, exchanging their ideas and experiences with the other participants in a team effort. Together they will present the results obtained in a public presentation to the organization with which they have decided to collaborate.

Phase VI. Intensive Conference on Consolidation of Professional Competencies

A conference in which the participants will consolidate the knowledge acquired during the previous phases and which will be put into practice through participative activities.

Benefits after the Program

The Acceleration of Competencies Program should enable students to find professional success more easily. In addition, by participating in the Program the students will be able to integrate into a network of former Program pupils and to gain preferential access to a series of professional and academic opportunities which have been designed in conjunction with the company sponsoring the Chair.